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The biggest secret in golf… until now!

"The Hanging Method"

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Part 1 - What is The Hanging Method 
Part 2 - How to identify if your club is not balanced

What is the "Hanging Method?"

I have been fitting golfers for the last 31 years at our Plaza Golf store in Torrance California. During that time I have developed the next revolution in golf club fitting, using my “Hanging Method“.  I have adjusted clubs recently for players currently on the PGA Tour along with numerous LPGA Tour, Tour, Asian Tour and Canadian Tour players. I also work with Top Division 1 College and Top High School players along with some up and coming junior golfers I believe will also play on Tour someday. They all have benefited from Balanced Clubs using my “Hanging Method“. Over the years I have perfected this scientific method for club adjustment that will “balance” your clubs.


One of the fine teachers in our local area named David Heinen dubbed me “The Club Whisperer” a couple years ago. He sends his students over to have their clubs “Whispered” by me. I like that and I am going start using that. Thanks David


But even when I fit the player correctly and call in the order correctly to the manufacturer, there is no guarantee the clubs will come from the manufacturer “balanced”. In fact most manufacturers allow for plus or minus 1/2 of a degree for loft and lie on their clubs. What they don’t realize is that those missed specifications can cause the clubs to be “out of balance”.  The truth is In 30 years I  have only seen 4 perfect sets that didn’t need to be adjusted before being ready to play. That means thousands of sets were out of balance, making it difficult to hit the ball in the middle of the club face. After I “Whisper” your clubs you will hit the ball more in the middle of the club face and enjoy Golf more.

After all, how do you play consistent golf with inconsistent clubs ?


Todd Pallis

The Club Whisperer

Part 3 - Pictures of unbalanced golf clubs 
Part 4 - Further evidence of an unbalanced club 
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